Animal Flow Level 2 Workshop – 11./12. November 2023

L1 is an intensive two-day workshop (12 hours total) where you’ll learn all 29 Level 1 moves, including regressions, progressions, and variations for all skill levels. You’ll explore how and when to use each movement individually, as well as how to link them together into flows of your own design.

CHF 535.00

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L2 is a one-day (10 hrs) workshop where you’ll take your AF practice to a higher level of understanding. You will learn 10 new moves, as well as progressions for tuck balance training. Delve into more advanced concepts like energy transfers, tempo changes and using animal locomotion in flows. This is a challenging, fun workshop that will improve your ability to coach clients and integrate the new moves. L2 is open to anyone who has completed L1.


Level 2 Curriculum

Level 2 builds upon the strong foundations learned in Level 1.
Participants will learn how to successfully perform the Level 2 exercises, as well as how to correctly integrate the movements with Level 1 to create extended Flows with an increased degree of complexity and intensity. Participants also learn how to instruct the movements and incorporate them into a training program. Emphasis is placed on understanding how the Level 2 movements train the fascial slings of the body; understanding the role of dissipating force, fluidity, and leverage in the advanced movements; and understanding how to instruct a range of progressive drills and conditioning exercises that form the introduction to hand balancing practice.

Level 2 Agenda

The Full-Day Agenda Includes:

  • Review of key Level 1 moves
  • Intro to Hand Balancing: Tuck Balance Progressions
  • New Transitions: Reaching Underswitch; Reaching Underswitch to Deep Ape; Scorpion Sweeps; Roll Throughs; and Crocodile Rolls, Pop Switches and Pop Outs;
  • New Traveling forms: Bear, Leopard, Crocodile;
  • Using traveling forms as a “link” for switches and transitions
  • How and why to introduce tempo change and energy redirects into a flow
  • Intermediate flow design



  • Dates:
    • L2: 11./12.11.2023
  • Duration: 10.00 – 17.00 Uhr
  • Costs:
    • CHF 595.-
    • 10% early booking discount until 8 weeks before the workshop date (till 02. September 2023)!
    • Studentes receive 20% off this workshop
  • Location: Tanzart, Zentweg 17A, 3006 Bern
  • Coach: Agostino Celia (IT)
  • Language: English



If you need to cancel your workshop registration, you may be eligible for a partial refund, dependent upon length of time to the event, according to the following terms. Note that we schedule travel and instructor time based on the number of registrations several months in advance, so we cannot offer full refunds if you must cancel.

For registrations that have “paid in full” (early registration or regular registration), refunds are made minus a $15 processing fee, according to the following schedule: 60 days or more until event: 100%; 45-60 days 75%; 30-45 days: 50%; 15-29 days: 25%; two weeks or less until event: $0.

It is allowable for you to transfer your registration to somebody else, although it is your responsibility to identify the individual and make any financial arrangements directly with them.

If space permits, we may be able to transfer you to a future workshop in the same region.

If an event is cancelled by GBT for any reason, a full refund (with no processing fee) shall be provided.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this refund policy.


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