Animal Flow

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Bear, monkey, crab, scorpion, etc. are all animal inspired moves that make up the Animal Flow training concept. By integrating animal-like movements into our fitness training, we improve, among other things, our strength, flexibility and body awareness.

Experience what it all means! In the Animal Flow workout you imitate animal movements. You don’t need dumbbells or a lot of space. Animal Flow combines different forms of movement and training, contains elements of yoga, Pilates, the Brazilian martial art Capoeira, breakdance and crunning – a mixture of crawling and running. You move on the floor in as many variations as possible and execute the movements fluently, there are no limits to your creativity.

In this workshop you will learn all 30 movements of level 1 including regressions, progressions and variations for the different levels of difficulty. At the same time you will learn how and when to use each movement and how to combine them into flows through your own design.


  • Basic positions
  • Learn about all 6 elements of Animal Flow, including the forms of travel
    (the „ABCs“ of animal movement)
  • Switches and transitions; wrist mobility; activations;
    shape-specific stretching and of course flows
  • Increase of the difficulty level and its complexity
  • Communicating the movements in the context of
    scientifically based concepts

Overview and dates

  • Dates:
    • L1: 22./23.10.2022
    • L1: 2023 – tbd
    • L2: 2023 – tbd
  • Duration: 10.30 – 17.00 Uhr
  • Costs:
    • CHF 580.-
    • 10% early booking discount until 8 weeks before the workshop date (till 01. September 2022)!
    • Studentes receive 20% off this workshop
  • Location: UNIK Training, Bolligenstrasse 82, 3006 Bern
  • Coach: Agostino Celia (IT)
  • Language: English
Animal Flow

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