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Steel Mace Level 1 Workshop – November, 3rd 2019, 10 – 17:30

CHF 200.00

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Steel Mace Level 1 Workshop

with Vincent Herzog (MoreHuman Movement, Onnit, Viking Ninja certified) and Mark Balsom (founder and coach at Symudiad Mouvement)

The mace as we know it has been created in India and is as old as Yoga. It was a weapon and a tool to train for long battles. No need to say we don’t need it to crush skulls nowadays. But our society has made us evolved in a sedentary specie and we are losing our capacity to move in a 3-dimensional way. The mace is back as a fitness tool in our society and our goal is impact as much lives as we possibly can with it. This workshop is a mix of the traditional and the more modern curriculum.


200 CHF for a 6-hour workshop (7:30 hours incl breaks and lunch).
Dates: November, 3rd 2019, 10 – 17:30


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