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Resilient DVD

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Advanced Kettlebell Drills and Insider Secrets for Playing Harder & Hurting Less

by Pavel

DVD, 36 minutes

How to Become the Man Without a Weakness

Life has a habit of body-slamming us when we least expect it. And the more active we are, the more likely we’re gonna be wrenched, tossed, torn, torqued, twisted, scrunched, hammered and generally whacked around. Hit your forties—let alone fifties—and you can be reduced to a tangled mess of injuries and performance-crimping tensions.

You get sidelined!

You can’t do what you want to do anymore. People don’t want you on their team anymore. You can’t compete anymore.

You’re…let’s face it…washed up, as a card-carrying member of the active elite.

As a man who trained the elite Soviet Special Forces in how to be physically durable as hell…

As a man sought out by hardcore US agencies and services to provide the same secrets for physical superiority…

As a man who spearheaded the new Russian Kettlebell invasion…

Pavel knows what it takes—personally and professionally—to remove crucial flaws and weaknesses from your body armor—so you can bounce back, time and time again, from the toughest challenge life throws at you.

A winner isn’t someone who never falls down, never gets knocked down…a winner is that nightmare creature who keeps getting up and getting up, keeps coming back, no matter what you fling at them.

It’s the winner’s edge. It’s called RESILIENCE. It’s called “don’t know how to spell quit.”

So, in this specialized program, Pavel’s put together 19 of his favorite drills for restoring and reinforcing your body’s “rebound strength.”

Pavel’s concentrated on the weak links—the knees, the elbows, the shoulders, the spine, the neck—and shows you how to change a liability-waiting-to-happen into a strength—weapon-of-choice.

Discover what it really means to be RESILIENT. Add years of wiry, tensile, pliant strength back into your life—and hurt a whole lot less while you’re doing it.

Fighters, Grapplers, Lifters, Men-Who-Hate-to-Lose, Guys-Who-Take-a-Pounding-in-Your-Lives: Inject this Fail-Safe Set of 19 Drills into Your Battered Bod and Watch Yourself Storm Back to the Winner’s Edge

Drills for a more resilient neck

Wall neck extension

Delivers unprecedented neck mobility—without jamming

Paul Anderson neck roll

Loosens up your neck like never before—while building tremendous strength

Some chicken

Mobilizes your neck in a totally unexpected fashion—and feels awesome

Boxer’s jaw opener

Removes debilitating tension from this vital area
Gives the jaw a terrific tonic

Drills for more resilient elbows

Elbow greaser

Manages nagging elbow injuries
Helps fighters, lifters, arm-wrestlers, and old-timers regain crucial elbow strength and mobility

Beyond the French press

Develops spectacular shoulder girdle and upper back
Discover the most powerful yet most shoulder-friendly alignment for overhead lifts
Boosts performance for girevoy sport, weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman events, gymnastics, yoga

Drills for a more resilient shoulder girdle

Shoulder blade walk

Releases your upper back and shoulder blades
Helps you to move like liquid metal
Rewards fighters with an essential improvement in durable mobility
Gets the “swivel ‘n glide” back into your stiff-tank-turret of a torso

Turkish half-up

Discover a secret drill to fix bad shoulders—once you get your doc’s permission

Russian karate twist

Loosens up your spine while teaching you powerful body mechanics
A gift to fighters—and awesome too for lesser mortals

RKC shoulder rotator

Helps you achieve the ultimate in shoulder resilience
Enhances durability and usability for grapplers and other hard living types

RKC arm bar

Accelerates shoulder resilience and flexibility for grapplers

Hack chest opener

Improves your martial posture

Drills for more resilient hips and knees

Hack squat & Hack hip openers

Master the true Hack squat—not the sissy yet dangerous machine version
Rewards you with the ultimate in squatting flexibility—a must for military, law enforcement
Get unique techniques that teach you to dramatically unload your knees in any type of a squat
How to turn the Hack Squat into a killer leg exercise
Custom-made for fighters and tactical types (you won’t believe your new kneeling and sitting shooting positions)

Russian slalom

Conditions your knees in a little-known plane that can spell the difference between true resilience and dangerous weakness
Essential for all types of fighters
Delivers higher injury-protection for your knees

Kneeling lunge plus

Helps release your tight hip flexors—which act like parking brakes to cripple your kicking, punching, running and lifting
Learn the finer secrets to stretching the hip flexors

Drills for a more resilient spine

Back roll-around

Have fun—and watch your back go from whiner to smiler.
Grease up the Tin Man and gyrate across the floor—for a stronger, more sinuous back

Wall walk

Improves your ability to perform the gymnastic bridge
Stretches your spine—for extra “activity-mileage”
Helps loosen you after deadlifts and other heavy pulls

Good morning stretch plus

Discover some finer points borrowed from Iyengar yoga
Establishes flexible, healthy hams and back

Russian hockey deadlift

Injury-proof your back with a controversial drill from Russian contact sports